OCR Labs relaunches as IDVerse, reflecting commitment to comprehensive, universal identity orchestration

  • Launched commercially in 2018, OCR Labs relaunched in 2023 as IDVerse
  • The name and branding change reflects changes in the market and growth of the company beyond its initial capabilities
  • The new name speaks to enhanced IDV product offerings across the customer lifecycle
  • “IDVerse” signals the importance Zero Bias universality in the company’s identity verification platforms and products
  • The company will remain the same but contact information will be updated to reflect the new company name.

London, UK. 30 May 2023: OCR Labs Global, a world leader in digital ID verification, has rebranded itself as IDVerse. Still based in London, Silicon Valley, and Sydney, Australia, the company and its operations will remain the same under the new identity. The new name, which combines “identity” and “universe,” “versatile” and “diverse,” reflects the company’s commitment to a comprehensive and universal approach to identity verification.

The new name clears up confusion around the equation between “OCR” and document archiving. Since it began as a research company in 2014, the IDV landscape has changed and the company’s focus along with it. With the rise of Generative AI and synthetic media, fraud has evolved, and so have the company’s products. Built on Adaptive AI, the company’s platforms have evolved to include identity orchestration, with seamless access and sophisticated fraud defense across the customer lifecycle. 

Additionally, the company’s commitment to providing fully accessible identity verification has become a driving force behind our pioneering Zero Bias AI technology. Amid increasing global awareness of algorithmic bias, IDVerse has developed a 99.99% reliable, tested, AI-trained Zero Bias platform capable of recognizing more of the world’s people and skin tones for more comprehensive and universal access. 

The company’s new brand look and feel reflects this core emphasis on products and technology that allow everyone to be able to verify their identity in order to access product and services — anywhere, any time. With its warm look and human faces, the new graphic design style communicates that IDVerse is the identification software that sees each unique human face in its one-of-a-kind shape, form and true, beautiful color. 

IDVerse will continue to provide the same, high-quality, tested identity verification technology that its customers have come to expect from OCR Labs. The company’s contact information will be updated to reflect the new name. ​Customers can immediately start updating email addresses to reflect the new “” domain name. However, emails with “” domains will remain active. As channels, tools and platforms transition to the new brand over the coming months, customers can continue to rely on their customer service contacts and service portals for uninterrupted support. 

Existing customer? Read the Customer FAQ.

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