Know who you’re doing business with and prevent money laundering. It’s the law.

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Fast & Fully Automated

No human document review required. Results in 30 seconds. 

Natural Vision Processing

Our computer vision systems perform over 250 checks on documents and biometric face data at 120x the speed.

Closer to 100% Accuracy

Performs checks the human eye cannot, because of the limited resolution and spectral range of the human eye.

Regulatory Requirements

Meet risk management requirements in financial transactions and KYC requirements derived from Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and reduce fraud at the same time.

Financial Services
Regulatory Requirements

Ensure that you know who you’re doing business with. It’s the law.

Regulatory Requirements

Prevent fraud any time money is moved.

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How It Works

1. Take a picture of ID doc (drivers license, passport, military card, or any common authoritative issued ID)
2. Unlike other solutions, we auto-extract text data and auto-fill in forms (compared to user keying in form fields)
3. Document Fraud Analysis performs over 250 checks (e.g. pixel-level measurements and light refraction patterns)
4. Data checks against authoritative data sources validate data extracted from ID docs in real time

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