FraudHub provides businesses with comprehensive insights into fraud patterns across their entire user base—and stops bad actors before they strike again.

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A new IDVerse product that will increase your business’s fraud intelligence insight into transactions.

Built for busy teams

A new level of fraud detection that quickly identifies user behavior trends and indicates possibility of fraud.

Preventive fraud detection

Identify fraud attempts and prevent them before they cause financial and reputational damage and operational costs.

Advanced technology

Our technology always helps your business stay ahead of the fraud trends – no matter how sophisticated.

FraudHub highlights any repeat behavior associated with a user – the identity document, mobile number, date of birth, or the face that has been presented during the liveness capture.

Reduce operational costs and revenue losses due to repeat fraud attempts  
Detect fraud early and preventatively.
Evaluate user transactions to stop bad actors from accessing your platform.
instant memory
Instant memory

No need to get burned before you recognize a bad actor. FraudHub draws on your library of bad actors to give you protection from Day 1.

repeat offenders
Say no to repeat offenders

In industries with multiple online and offline channels, bad actors defraud by taking the same face from site to site under different IDs and aliases. Not anymore.

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