Deepfake Defender™: The world’s worst news for bad guys of every shape and size.

Trained on AI-generated fraudsters, Deepfake Defender™ can outpace the shapeshifters, anticipate the aliases, foil the fraudsters—to protect your authentic users, your systems, and your bottom line.

Faster Than a Speeding Synth

There’s no better defense against synthetically created fraudsters than a defense system trained on synthetic models. Deepfake Defender™ is AI, so it knows AI before other identity verification systems ever see it coming. Learn more about what makes Deepfake Defender™ tick, and see how it’s protecting businesses in your industry.


Adaptive, nimble, fraud detection and defense

AI Powered Icon

AI-Powered AI Defense

Flag fake users, block potential attacks from synthetic media or generative AI. 

Machine Vision

Human or fake? Deepfake Defender™ can detect micro anomalies to precisely assess human liveness.


Canny and nimble, Deepfake Defender™ works cross-platform with Android and iOS. And it is not hardware-dependent.

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