Facial Tokenization™: Security for the most sensitive & personal data – the human face.

In the future, your face will unlock everything. That’s why we’re making sure bad guys can’t get the keys.

Facial Tokenization with Redundancy™

Faces secure the most sensitive access points. That’s why faces need to be secure, too. We don’t secure faces as faces. We generate thousands of tokens from original biometric data to secure and protect our most valuable asset. Learn more about what makes Facial Tokenization tick, and see how it’s protecting businesses in your industry.


Redundant and secure

Data Security

After converting original facial biometric data into a non-sensitive token, the token can be used to represent the biometric data without revealing the actual private information about the face.  

Database Redundancy

Facial Tokenization With Redundancy involves generating multiple tokens using cryptographic algorithms. The tokens can be stored in separate databases or systems and can be used for identification or authentication purposes. 

Data Redundancy

With Redundancy, if one of the tokens is lost or compromised, the system can use one of the remaining tokens (from thousands available) to identify or authenticate the individual. 

Universal access

Do business with the world –
on its own terms


Identity Documents Covered


Languages and Typesets


Face Matching Accuracy


In order to create a one-stop digital property for multiple products – current accounts, loans, mortgages etc – to avoid in person visits to physical locations whilst meeting KYC compliance. Westpac implemented IDVerse as their identity verification process and saw application times and abandonment rates drop dramatically.

– Westpac


Since dealing with IDVerse, it has given me much greater security with clients I’m unable to meet in person to know that they are fully verified. The system is so easy to use and much smoother than a lot of the banks individual processes – I wish they’d all use it!

– Mortgage Choice


The transition to a fully automated identity verification process has been near seamless with user adoption being a real win for the business. Application fraud has been strongly deterred whilst keeping genuine customers content.


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