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Third-Party Certifications, Part 3: Key Use Cases
With digital interactions dominating both business and personal spheres, the importance of robust identity verification (IDV) solutions cannot be overstated. Organizations across various sectors are ... Read more
By Adam Brito
Protecting Data and Preventing Fraud in Telecommunications
In the telecommunications industry, safeguarding customer data and preventing fraud are two of the most crucial challenges. With the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals—not to mention ... Read more
By Mark Knighton
Brazilian Gambling Regulatory Framework: 2025 & Beyond
The global gambling industry is constantly undergoing transformation driven by technological advancements and regulatory evolution. We look now to the vast Brazilian market, where preparations ... Read more
By Shane Oren
3 Ways the Wrong IDV Vendor Will Kill Your ROI
Anyone who’s been paying attention to fraud trends in recent years will acknowledge that remote identity verification (IDV) has become a key component for businesses ... Read more
The Role of Remote Biometric IDV in Combating Sextortion
In recent years, sextortion has emerged as a serious and growing threat, particularly to teenagers and other vulnerable members of society. This alarming trend has ... Read more
By Emily Hendley
From Feedback & Demand to the POA Product for IDVerse
At IDVerse, innovation is at the heart of our ambition to revolutionize identity verification. Turning concepts into implemented features involves a meticulous process of ideation, ... Read more
By Diamond-Hope Kingston
IDVerse POA: A New Standard in Proof of Address Verification
Businesses operating in the digital space today face the daunting task of complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations while simultaneously preventing fraud and providing a ... Read more
By Mark Knighton
Why Does Everyone Think They're the IDV Leader?
We’ve all heard the words uttered across the iGaming industry, from operators to suppliers: “We are the leaders in this industry!” And we all think ... Read more
By Lisa Hern
Safeguarding the Elderly from Scams with Biometric IDV
Although financial scams targeting the elderly existed for many decades, they’ve become increasingly prevalent in the digital era. And as more and more financial services ... Read more
By Peter Violaris
Reforms to Privacy Act after TikTok investigation Halted
Let me state this unambiguously: Australian privacy laws are in urgent need of reform.  Europe, Canada, the UK, and now even many US states have ... Read more
Third-Party Certifications, Part 2: 6 Key Criteria for Evaluation
In the first blog of this series, I described the role of certifications and conformance with standards as the foundation for establishing trust and credibility ... Read more
By Paul Warren-Tape
Protection From Fraudulently Obtained Genuine Documents
When it comes to identity verification (IDV), one of the most challenging types of document fraud to detect is the use of fraudulently obtained genuine ... Read more
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