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By Adam Desmond
Unlocking the Royal Flush: Biometrics in Gaming Industry Player Verification
In a session held at the SBC Barcelona igaming conference on Wednesday, September 20th, I ... Read more
By Bryan Smythe
Evolving from Manual to Fully Autonomous, Instant Identity Systems
Today, in a time where a great many of our interactions are online and digital, ... Read more
The Inclusive Approach to FEMA Fraud Prevention
Consider some of the TV images over the past summer that have branded a mark ... Read more
By Shane Tepper
Top 5 Data Breaches of 2023 (So Far)
Data breaches happen all the time—and frankly, given how lackadaisical identity checks are on a ... Read more
Is It Time to Replace Passwords with Biometrics?
It hardly needs to be stated that the security of online accounts and data is ... Read more
By Adrian Oteng-Owusu
Taking the Reins: APIs vs. SDKs
Software developers have more options than ever when it comes to integrating third-party functionality into ... Read more
Human-Over-the-Loop AI and KYC Compliance
In the world of finance, compliance stands as a steadfast pillar for regulated institutions. These ... Read more
Privacy First: Protecting Citizen Data through IDV in Government Sign-In Services
Imagine a world where every personal detail you share with the government is as secure ... Read more
By Adrian Oteng-Owusu
It’s Time to Face Facts about Facial Recognition
Biometric technologies like fingerprints, iris scans, and voice recognition are becoming more prevalent for identity ... Read more
By Bryan Smythe
The Best of the Best: NIST, iBeta & FedNow Endorsement
For businesses operating within the modern digital economy, the security and integrity of personal data ... Read more
By Shane Oren
The Power of Facial Liveness for Identity Verification
Over the past decade or so—and especially now in the post-covid era—online transactions and interactions ... Read more
By Shane Oren
Text vs. Biometric Liveness: A Battle of Authentication Methods
Digital transactions are becoming more common around the world with each passing year. That makes ... Read more
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