Proof of Address

Real people live in the real world. Verify that your new customers do.

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Fully Automated

Verify real addresses at speeds impossible for real people.


Verifies identity and address in one easy flow.

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Takes less than 30 seconds because the process is 100% autonomous.

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Provides protection on Day 1 by leveraging the blocklist, without a learning curve.

Extract Addresses

Scan any printed English-language document to extract the address.

Proof of Address

Make address verification as simple as the snap of a photo. Addresses are taken from utility bills, and matched against reliable third-party data sources. So you know your customers really exist, and where. POA answers the question “Where do you live?”

Proof of Address
Proof of Residence

Proof of Address examines issued dates on documents to verify that the user has residency for a required period (.e.g for in-state tuition). POA answers the question: “How long have your customers lived at their current address?”

Proof of Address

POA uses IP address data to verify the user’s current location — for industries whose regulatory status requires geographical compliance (e.g., Online gambling sites, licensed by each state, can only serve customers who are physically within a state.) POA answers the question: “Are you there now?”

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How It Works

POA lets users prove their street address by taking picture of a current official document that contains  their name and address (recent utility bill, cable bill, credit card statement, cell phone bill etc).

  1. Customers take a picture of a recent bill
  2. We automatically extract the address
  3. We match data with ID docs or validate with third party authoritative data sources (e.g. credit bureaus).
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