Passwordless Login

Life is easier and more accessible when you let your customers use their face to unlock anything that requires a password.

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Fast, Easy & Convenient

Make password recovery or step-up authentication seamless, and reduce operational costs while preventing unauthorized user access and account takeovers. 


Built on biometric verification, Zero Bias technology works for more people in more places.

Privacy & Security at Scale

Safety and securely reauthenticate any user by linking their face to their identity document with advanced image analysis and deep learning technology built to stay ahead of fraudsters. Facial Tokenization ensures that your customers’ faces are never compromised. 

Security, simplified

Replace passwords, passwordless remote login, self-service account recovery, multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO) and more with a click and a smile. The higher-security choice for higher risk transactions.

Financial Services
Advanced biometric reauthentication

Like Apple’s live photo, IDVerse captures the moments around the photo being taken and analyzes it for liveness. We use technology including depth perception, miniscule movements from heartbeat, analyzing light refraction from the face and background objects to determine liveness without trading the friction of a video challenge for the lower security selfie.

Secure Account Recovery

Save on resources consumed by costly enquiries to call centers and staff by allowing account recovery with biometric reauthentication. By offloading the time consuming

Gig Economy
Set up authentication

Reauthenticate a user’s face with the same technology as a biometric verification product. Whether it’s high risk account actions like payments, address changes or cashing out biometric verification adds a layer that traditional MFA solutions miss.

Restricted Content
Industries and applications

Secure high-risk transactions like large transfers with additional step-up authorization using passwordless login.

Age Restrictions
Ensure parental consent for age-restricted transactions, like online gambling and alcohol purchases.

Unlock car doors using only a verified, authorized face.

Facilities Access
Grant entry to restricted areas or instantly revoke access remotely, based on a verified user’s face.

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How It Works

Passwordless login allows your customers to replace complicated passwords with the simplicity of a smile. Setting up passwordless login using Face Auth is secure and easy. Once it’s done, they won’t lose a password again.

1. Verify identity using any of 16,000 ID doc types
2. Link password to a secure Face Token
3. Start using face instead of passwords

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