IDVerse Partner Program

The IDVerse Partner Program is designed for partners that recommend, refer, sell and deliver the IDVerse solution to their customers. The program is designed to help you get the most out of your engagement with your customers and alignment with IDVerse’s values.

Earn up to 30% margin/commission depending on volumes


Those who make introductions between IDVerse and people or businesses who require the IDVerse solution. IDVerse contracts directly with the client and pays the Introducer/Referral Partner a fee.


Incorporate IDVerse’s core technologies into your own solution and provide this as a bundled service to end customers to service adjacent markets. A Platform Partner may also choose to engage as a Referrer or Reseller on a wholesale basis. 

Join over 120 partners in the IDVerse

The industry demand for fully automated IDV transactions is surging. Ensure you remain competitive when attracting new revenue and retaining existing customers with IDVerse.

In mere days, seamlessly integrate our system and kickstart monetization. From bolstered security to regulatory compliance, our solution accelerates revenue streams by enabling rapid identity verification. Don’t wait weeks to start earning—implement now and see your profits soar.

IDVerse’s partnerships enhance your value proposition by providing access to auto IDV, Zero Bias AI™ Tested technology and Generative AI training.

Partners have access to dedicated sales and marketing resources focused on accelerating partner growth. Anything our Sales team has access to is at your disposal. Joint marketing starts with PR and continues through webinars, events and collateral.

IDVerse offers training and sales enablement in the form of our IDVersity, designed to quickly onboard sales and technical teams. Ongoing QBRs and SLAs maintain the knowledge sharing.

The IDVerse Partner Portal is the hub for everything a partner needs to grow their business with IDVerse. Marketing, Sales, Product, Compliance all in one easy to access place.

IDVerse offers more than just identity verification – Face Access for authentication, Proof of Address (POA) for additional doc capture & FraudHub for velocity checks.


“IDVerse’s technology has been a game changer for GeoComply in scaling our user onboarding process while significantly reducing the risk of onboarding fraudulent players.”

– Aaron Gould, VP of Identity at GeoComply

“As part of this journey, we are delighted to be working with IDVerse. Its generative AI capabilities are a natural addition to our existing CrossCore solution, offering our customers more flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.”

– Eduardo Castro, Managing Director ID&F at Experian UK&I

“We’ve got all the digital processes and workflows for settlements, contracts, and signatures, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without partnering with IDVerse,”

– Leann Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Nimo Industries

“Our collaboration with IDVerse has had a transformative impact on our overall vision for digital-based hiring. It can now be conducted from anywhere; the system is easy to engage with for work seekers and opens up a level of employment opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to them before.”

– Keith Rosser, Director at Reed Screening

“We love IDVerse’s capability of moving into any territory without a large number of documents upon which to train an identity verification model. Combining our solution with IDVerse’s accuracy to make a conclusive yes/no decision without human intervention, we believe it will have great appeal to our customers and prospects.”

– Michael Bolcerek, SVP of Business Development at Aristotle Integrity
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The IDVerse Partner Program

The key pillars of IDVerse’s success are our partners. We established the Partner Program to recognize your expertise, reward your commitment to our solution and most importantly deliver value to help your business thrive through the sales of IDVerse solution.

The IDVerse Partner Program is designed for partners that recommend, refer, sell and deliver the IDVerse solution to their customers. The program is designed to help you get the most out of your engagement with your customers and alignment with IDVerse’s values.

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Why become an IDVerse partner?

One integration, limitless identity verification

It requires just one simple integration which enables you to provide your customers with truly global document coverage and OCR, Document Fraud Analysis, liveness and facial matching technology. With no manual review by humans required at any stage of the verification flow, you can rest assured that your customers can scale for growth even during high peaks in traffic.

We built all of our technology from scratch, and continually update it to ensure that we stay ahead of emerging fraud trends. Experience a client issue? We uphold our promise of delivering best-in-class customer support to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Meet the team

Libby Robinson

Adam Brito

Emre Avci

Lloyd Reeve

Shane Turner

Matt Ingman

Thought leadership

Elevate your IDV strategy – download The Partners Guide to IDVerse

The Partners Guide to IDVerse

This guide is tailored for prospective partners and professionals interested in unlocking growth opportunities through strategic collaboration with IDVerse. It serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into the benefits and possibilities that come with partnering with the industry’s leading identity verification (IDV) solution provider. Read more


Partnership News

See the latest news from the IDVerse partnership ecosystem.

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