Strengthen identity verification for your government department or agency.

IDVerse enhances security—as well as the public’s trust in government services—by safeguarding citizens’ information and maintaining their privacy.

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 Secure benefit account access

IDVerse uses advanced facial biometrics to secure accounts so that only the verified owners are able to access services like unemployment, tax support, housing assistance, and vehicle measures.

 Ensure electoral integrity

Our Zero Bias™-tested AI makes certain that every eligible citizen can cast their ballot regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender—all while meeting the strictest security standards to prevent voter fraud.

 Bolster border security

A robust IDV solution is critical for verifying travelers at border crossings, international airports, and immigration checkpoints—thus preventing illegal entry and enhancing national security.

IDV trusted by governments.

You wouldn’t rely on just anyone to handle personal data. Only the most dependable will do.  

The IDVerse platform meets the most stringent privacy, security, and integrity  standards—including TDIF, SOC 2, UK DIATF, ISO 27001, and iBeta PAD Level 2 compliance—and covers almost every identity document on the planet.

Our technology can recognize over 16,000 ID types in 142 languages from more than 220 countries and territories. Government agencies around the world trust IDVerse to help their citizens prove their identity in under a minute

Stopping fraud in its tracks.

Every year, vast numbers of bad actors take advantage of government benefits they aren’t actually entitled to. 

In the US, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reported $4.5 billion in confirmed fraud during FY 2021 alone. The estimated cost of fraud against the Australian government more than doubled between 2017 and 2020. And in 2023, the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) said that a staggering £21 billion worth of fraud had been committed against the government from 2020 to 2022. 

The solution? Advanced IDV technology. For our government clients, the IDVerse platform plays a crucial role in locking out would-be fraudsters and enhancing security across various areas within the public sector.

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A Complete Guide to Identity Verification for Government Agencies

It’s crucial, for government entities to prioritize privacy while eliminating AI bias and embracing inclusion—and this requires selecting IDV partners who are also committed to mitigating algorithmic bias through diverse data sourcing, regular audits, and transparent software development practices. Read more

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