Why Facial Biometrics Beats Behavioral Data for IDV

Shane Oren

When it comes to secure and convenient identity verification, there’s no question that biometric technologies have become essential tools. Through the analysis of unique biological characteristics, biometrics provide a way to reliably confirm someone’s identity with a high degree of accuracy. 

However, not all biometric approaches are created equal.

IDVerse specializes in providing world-class facial recognition and liveness detection for identity verification and authentication. We believe facial biometrics represent a clearly superior solution compared to behavioral biometrics like keystroke dynamics, mouse movements, and voice recognition. 

Not cutting the mustard

Let’s explore some of the key shortcomings and challenges of behavioral biometric systems:

Privacy and data security risks: Behavioral biometrics require continuously collecting and analyzing very personal data about how users type, move their cursor, speak, and more. This sensitive information could be extremely valuable for hackers if breached. Users may also be uncomfortable with having their behaviors so closely monitored at all times.

Accuracy and reliability challenges: While behavioral data can be highly accurate in many cases, it’s also easily influenced by external factors. Simple things like a change in environment, a different device, the user’s physical state, and more can all impact behavioral patterns enough to cause false positives or negatives.

Vulnerability to spoofing: Skilled hackers can potentially find ways to spoof or impersonate legitimate user behaviors to bypass behavioral authentication. In fact, it’s happening right now—sophisticated bots have already been developed to mimic human interactions.  

Legal and ethical concerns: The collection and monitoring of behavioral data raises privacy and consent issues that are governed by data protection laws like GDPR, BIPA, and CCPA. Ensuring full compliance can be extremely complex, resource-intensive and expensive for many organizations. There are also ethical questions around transparency and the ability for users to opt-out.

High integration costs: Integrating behavioral biometrics into existing security stacks requires overhauling authentication flows and making major infrastructure investments. For smaller organizations or consumer applications, these costs can be prohibitive.

Facial biometrics: the clear best choice

Facial recognition combined with advanced liveness detection represents the single most secure, convenient, and scalable approach to biometric identity verification and authentication. IDVerse’s facial biometrics solution analyzes over 500 unique facial vectors to match faces with incredible accuracy and prevent spoofing with digital photos or deepfakes.

Our facial ID platform provides:

  • Unparalleled accuracy and fraud prevention
  • Fast, frictionless user experiences 
  • Robust privacy and data protection
  • Easy integration via secure APIs
  • Affordable, scalable cloud infrastructure 
  • Compliance with global regulations and standards

In today’s remote world, facial recognition enables secure ID proofing, high-risk transaction approvals, passwordless authentication, and more without ever having to collect extraneous personal data. By simply capturing a brief video selfie, a user’s identity is verified within seconds in a private, secure model.

For IDV applications that prioritize security, privacy, compliance, and seamless user experiences, facial biometrics solutions like IDVerse offer cutting-edge technology that outperforms behavioral data alone.

About the post:
Images are generative AI-created. Prompt: A representation of the solar system with a smiling young Asian woman’s face in the middle as the sun. Tool: Midjourney.

About the author:
Shane Oren is the CRO for IDVerse. He has over 12 years experience in sales for a range of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, where he has achieved record-breaking results. In his current role, Shane leads the North American office and manages revenue across the market, overseeing sales and customer support teams.

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