Strategic Partnerships to Unlock Growth Opportunities

Matt Ingman

Potential customers abandon an onboarding process after encountering even the slightest inconvenience, and companies are still facing numerous challenges in ensuring a secure and seamless customer experience to discourage that dropoff. At the same time, the need to implement robust identity verification (IDV) processes continues to rise as fraud is still prevalent (and growing). 

Platforms that embrace innovation, automation, and collaboration gain a competitive edge. Those that don’t face abandonment and wasted customer acquisition budgets. 

IDVerse recognizes the power of strategic partnerships in driving mutual revenue growth whilst delivering progressive solutions to the market. This blog post takes a look at just a few of the benefits of selecting us as your IDV partner.

Revenue is not a dirty word

Time is money, and with IDVerse, partners and their customers can accelerate their time to revenue significantly. Our IDV solutions are designed for swift integration, taking weeks, not months to get you live and transacting. 

You may be an identity expert or just starting on your journey—either way, you’ll be able to process more transactions from a wider variety of customers and use cases. Adding IDVerse to your value proposition gives your existing customers as well as your new business an increased opportunity to choose you as you adapt to market conditions. 

Starting off on the right foot

Our commitment to enabling and activating our partners begins with a clear launch plan and a shared vision for success. We streamline the integration process, allowing our partners to swiftly incorporate our technology into their offerings and start generating revenue. 

A fully automated identity verification system that leverages APIs, like IDVerse, ensures seamless integration and future updates into existing infrastructure as well as compatibility and regulatory compliance. This agility positions partners as industry leaders, enabling them to adapt to evolving market trends and customer demands.

Combining our technologies is just the beginning; the real accelerator is combining the teams through our training, target account alignment, QBRs, and partner portal so that you feel the full support of the IDVerse team.

Access to joint marketing —through interactions like roundtables, lunch & learns, and webinars—provides partners and their prospects with valuable insights and guidance in various domains related to identity verification and cybersecurity.

The world is yours

As businesses expand globally, managing multiple IDV suppliers becomes increasingly complex. IDVerse gives you the chance to consolidate IDV suppliers into a single, global provider. This approach streamlines operations, reduces costs, and ensures consistency and compliance across a variety of markets. 

When businesses partner with us, they gain access to a versatile solution that can verify documents issued by over 220 jurisdictions in more than 140 languages and typesets, accommodating the needs of customers worldwide. 

Scalability is another critical aspect of identity verification, particularly during peak periods of activity. Manual or partially automated solutions often struggle to accommodate sudden spikes in transaction volumes, leading to delays and subpar user experiences. 

IDVerse’s fully automated solution, powered by generative AI (GenAI) and neural networks, ensures uninterrupted user experiences and minimizes processing times, even during high-demand events like the FIFA World Cup, Black Friday, or new product launches.

A two-way street

Partnering with IDVerse opens doors to new opportunities and success. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to delivering progressive solutions, we can together unlock our full revenue potential and thrive. 

Download our guide for partners to learn more about the benefits of a strategic partnership with IDVerse.

About the post:
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About the author:
Matt Ingman is VP, Marketing for IDVerse. He has served the marketing function since 2021 and has spent the last 6 years in the fraud and identity space. Matt brings a non-traditional way of thinking to deliver innovative and practical solutions for IDVerse’s accelerated growth.

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