Unlocking the Royal Flush: Biometrics in Gaming Industry Player Verification

Adam Desmond

In a session held at the SBC Barcelona igaming conference on Wednesday, September 20th, I had the privilege of moderating a panel covering a fascinating topic: the future of biometrics in player verification. 

Our esteemed participants included Rory Howard, Managing Director at EYAS Gaming, and Istvan Farkas, Player Sustainability Supplier Manager at Kindred Group plc, and the session explored how advanced biometric technologies are shaping the next generation of secure, seamless player experiences.

The transformational biometric journey

We began by highlighting the remarkable evolution of biometrics in the gaming industry. Previously, player verification was a manual process, initially relying heavily on data, then government-issued documentation, with biometrics only entering the process in recent years. Even more recently, this landscape has been dramatically transformed by the advent of advanced, generative AI-powered biometric solutions. 

Rory Howard shared insights into how biometric verification is helping eliminate fraudsters from the gaming ecosystem, with specific reference to the technology’s recent launch in Brazil. Biometric verification not only enhances security, he noted, but also reduces reliance on traditional data.

Regulatory trends in the US

One noteworthy point raised during the discussion was the increasing role of regulations in the United States. As the gaming industry continues to grow in popularity and expand its operations, so, too, do the regulatory frameworks—which vary from state to state—that govern it. 

Istvan Farkas emphasized how biometric authentication is becoming better understood, making it an integral part of compliance with these regulations. This shift towards greater regulation underscores the importance of player verification in maintaining the integrity of gaming environments.

A seamless experiences for players

A recurring theme throughout the session was the role of biometrics in enhancing the player experience. Biometric authentication offers players the convenience of passwordless accounts, reducing the friction often associated with traditional authentication methods. 

As Istvan Farkas aptly put it, players no longer need to carry identification documents with them; it’s all “in their pocket,” a reference to the fact that the smartphone has become one’s identity passport. This convenience aligns well with the omnichannel nature of gaming environments, where players seamlessly move between different platforms.

Reducing friction, enhancing security

Another key takeaway from the session was the potential of biometrics to reduce friction in player interactions. The frustration of getting stuck in verification processes can deter players, cause them to drop out of onboarding altogether, and impact revenue. 

Password resets, a common annoyance for both players and service providers, can be significantly reduced with biometric authentication. The panelists emphasized that this technology streamlines player verification and improves the overall gaming experience.

Gaming is leading the way

The session on the future of biometrics in player verification deeply conveyed the transformative power of advanced biometric technologies in the gaming industry.  Biometrics are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of gaming, from streamlining verification processes to enhancing player convenience and security. As an inherently innovative space, gaming will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of digital transformation—with biometrics leading the way.

For more information about the session and IDVerse’s work in biometric ID verification for Gaming, drop us a line on moc.e1716204619srevd1716204619i@oll1716204619eh1716204619.

*Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on the session held at SBC Barcelona on September 20th, 2023. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the respective organizations and sources mentioned.*

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Adam Desmond is the Commercial Head at IDVerse. A seasoned cybersecurity professional with extensive commercial experience in risk management and threat mitigation, he has spent over a decade working at technology companies specializing in document verification and biometric solutions, including GBG and Mitek Systems. 

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