The IDVerse Guide to the Elements of Modern Identity Verification Systems

Deepfake technology now allows fraudsters to create highly realistic manipulated video, image, and audio hoaxes that can convincingly impersonate individuals. The potential to gain unauthorized access, commit crimes, and damage reputations is immense.

The best defense? Implementing a cutting-edge identity verification solution backed by generative AI.

Paul Warren-Tape, IDVerse’s in-house risk expert, has written an informative guide on the critical elements of modern AI-powered identity verification systems, including:

  • The rise of context-based learning
  • 5 key controls for identity verification
  • Taking a layered platform approach to IDV

To underline our enthusiasm for machine learning technology, this guide—its text and gorgeous imagery—was developed with the assistance of AI tools. So take a peek under the hood of modern IDV platforms and see what makes them indispensable for organizations around the globe.

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