Regtech: Challenges and opportunities in an evolving sector

With the rapid rise of generative AI, regulators have struggled to keep pace with criminals who use this technology to commit fraud. Given how important monitoring and reporting are to the security of enterprises, regulatory technology (regtech) is emerging as a crucial element in the fight against financial crime.

This webinar, hosted by the Fintech Power 50, discusses the current landscape of the regtech industry—with particular focus on security, compliance, fairness, and the customer experience.

Watch to gain insight on:

  • Using AI for transaction monitoring and risk management
  • Implementing perpetual KYC (pKYC) for continuous compliance
  • Defending against synthetic identity fraud using AI 


  • Russ Conn, General Manager, EMEA, IDVerse
  • Alia Mahmud, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ComplyAdvantage 
  • Nick Ford, VP of Strategic Alliances, Encompass

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