IDVerse partners with Conga to accelerate revenue lifecycle management

Digital ID verification streamlines onboarding and protects Conga’s customers from fraud

Sydney – 24 October, 2023 – IDVerse, a world leader in digital ID verification (IDV), announced today that it has partnered with Conga, the global leader in Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions, to accelerate client onboarding, strengthen security, and streamline workflows for businesses.

Conga delivers transformational capabilities that drive operational excellence across teams, processes and systems to help organisations deliver profitable revenue growth, resulting in customer retention, renewal, and expansion. IDVerse, formerly known as OCR Labs, provides a comprehensive suite of scalable proprietary IDV solutions that allows Conga to evolve how it interacts with customers through biometric verification (known as liveness technology), identity document verification, data verification, Video KYC, Age Verification and reauthentication.

Powered by AI, IDVerse contains the ability to learn organically, protecting users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless user experience. By removing the burden of identity verification for Conga, the company can focus on scaling its business without the compliance and operational overheads.

Conga’s end-to-end solutions transform revenue operations by automating and standardising the contract lifecycle to increase speed, lower risk, and boost compliance. The software streamlines quotes and digital commerce so that sales teams can sell more efficiently and productively.

“Organisations that want to streamline documentation processes can use our end-to-end automation to reduce time spent on dealing with paperwork, and increase time focused on winning over customers,” said Aroon Wadvani, Conga’s Director of Partner and Alliances for Asia-Pacific and Japan. “One of the gaps we identified in documentation processes was around ID verification, where organisations are looking to do end-to-end signature authorisation, and fast track documentation completion.

“For example, manual processes can be reduced for loan applications. IDVerse’s verification can be performed on a mobile phone in a matter of minutes, meaning the customer is able to buy a big-ticket item in one visit to a retailer, rather than coming back the next day to complete the purchase.

“Previously a process like this could take several hours due to information being entered into different systems, creating multiple duplicate entries. There was also a physical printing component of those contracts, and this often involved several visits to the retailer. Conga’s system combined with IDVerse allows this process to be completed in less than an hour, creating significant efficiencies,” said Wadvani.

With its humanity-first, tech-centric approach, IDVerse is continuing to focus on enhancing its ID verification capabilities with technology that is Zero Bias AI™ tested. “Our partnership with Conga amplifies our customer impact and extends our collective technology leadership – offering a single point of access for everything customers want to do online, across all devices, anywhere in the world,” said Adam Brito, Head of APAC, Sales & Partnerships at IDVerse.

“IDVerse is now looking to work with Conga as it expands into global markets, and we’re excited to be part of their growth story,” added Brito.

Conga’s products sit between functions of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Products include: contract lifecycle management (CLM); configure, price, and quote (CPQ); document generation; electronic signature; subscription management; and other associated solutions that drive predictable revenue by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a unified data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle.

Conga delivers more predictable revenue outcomes for businesses, with its data indicating significant efficiencies such as 27% more revenue per product, 23% increase in overall sales revenue, 31% improvement in invoice accuracy, 36% improvement in contract accuracy, and 25% decrease in contract processing time.


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Evelyn Yang

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About IDVerse

IDVerse helps you quickly scale your business globally. Our fully-automated solution verifies new users in seconds with just their face and smartphone – in over 220 countries and territories with any ID document – without the burden of human intervention.

We empower true identity for people around the world. Through our Zero Bias AI™ technology, we are pioneering the use of generative AI to train deep neural network systems to protect against discrimination on the basis of race, age and gender. We are the first company to achieve 99.99% accuracy in independent lab testing.

Our advancements in Natural Vision Processing (NVP) are enabling machines to autonomously see and perceive as humans and excel in ways that humans cannot.

IDVerse is trusted by startups, governments, and global enterprises, including Experian, HSBC, Vodafone, BMW, Virgin Money, and ANZ, for borderless and inclusive identity verification. Founded in Australia in 2018, OCR Labs Global is a Series B venture-backed company with headquarters in London and offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

For more information, visit

About Conga

Conga crushes complexity in an increasingly complex world. With our Revenue Lifecycle Management solution, we transform each company’s unique complexities for order configuration, execution, fulfillment, and contract renewal processes with a unified data model that adapts to ever-changing business requirements and aligns the understanding and efforts of every team. Our approach is grounded in the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurial spirit and achieving together to champion our 11,000+ customers. We’re committed to our customers and to removing complexity in an increasingly complex world. Our solutions quickly adapt to changing business models so you can normalize your revenue management processes.

Conga has global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at or follow Conga on Twitter: @congahq.

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