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Hertz accelerates customer onboarding with IDVerse

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Hertz, the global car rental company, operates its namesake Hertz brand, along with Flexicar, Thrifty, ACE Rental Cars, and Dollar Rental in the Australian and New Zealand market. Hertz’s digital transformation journey is focused on offering a great user experience and accelerating customer onboarding while ensuring that critical steps such as documentation checks continue to be thorough.

Download PDF version here – IDVerse x Hertz – Case Study

Industry participants have placed an increasing emphasis on online capabilities and platforms over the past five years to streamline services and improve security identification. Hertz first adopted IDVerse in Queensland and has now rolled out the technology all over Australia. There have been over 60,000 transactions since inception and information is verified via the government’s document verification service (DVS).

Hertz’s partnership with IDVerse demonstrates a compelling example of how technology-driven solutions have played a pivotal role in the car rental industry’s adaptation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Hertz’s proactive approach in adopting IDVerse showcases the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and customer-centric services. This partnership not only enhances user experience and accelerates customer onboarding but also underscores the importance of security and compliance through robust document verification processes.


International arrivals into Australia are rebounding strongly after travel bans related to the COVID-19 pandemic ended. The return in demand is projected to benefit many industry players. However, the increasing popularity of low-price car-sharing networks is expected to limit revenue growth, with many short-term domestic tourists likely substituting traditional rental cars with car-share and ride-share solutions.

Increased reliance on online bookings and automation is projected to ease cost pressures in the medium to longer term and increase price-competition among the mobility industry. By introducing IDVerse’s Digital Identity Verification solution, Hertz can make user verification effortless for their customer, and focus on scaling their business with strong compliance and security protocols while maintaining operational overheads.

Hertz strategically partnered with IDVerse to elevate identity verification processes across its operations in Australia and New Zealand, driven by several pivotal factors. IDVerse’s strong regional presence was instrumental, ensuring seamless service and support.

IDVerse’s pre-eminence in the AU/NZ market, highlighted by its unparalleled transaction volume, affirms its precision in machine learning compared to other industry offerings. A unique hallmark in this sector, IDVerse’s full control of its end-to-end technology equates to superior agility and responsiveness, enabling rapid adaptation to Hertz’s evolving and expanding needs.

The Solution

As part of Hertz Australia’s efforts to improve its digital customer experience, the company wanted to digitize the customer journey and bring documentation and increased security into the digital realm. IDVerse was chosen as a partner to help drive operational excellence at Hertz and enhance the customer experience, via digital self-service. Its IDV solution is part of Hertz’s ongoing commitment to modernize its technology platforms and improve customer outcomes.

IDVerse’s solution met Hertz’s meticulous standards for ID verification. With its patented and accredited biometric technology, it offers a fast and frictionless digital identity verification – reducing the risks and costs associated with fraud loss. Hertz was attracted to IDVerse as it offers a scalable solution that continuously meets compliance requirements.

IDVerse has partnered with Hertz to achieve key objectives in their digital ID verification strategy. This collaboration aims to streamline data verification in Australia and New Zealand, enhancing match rates efficiently. By implementing IDVerse’s solutions, Hertz can reduce the need for manual ID verification across their offices and field operations sites, improving operational efficiency and security validation.

Moreover, IDVerse’s technology ensures that applicants’ identities are accurately verified, to minimize any fraudulent activity. Additionally, Hertz’s digital Verification of Identity (VOI) processes are enhanced, allowing customers to conveniently verify their identity prior to picking up their vehicle at Hertz locations.


IDVerse reduces queues and saves customers and Hertz processing time at the counters / locations. Hertz sees the scalability potential of the IDV service and has been working with IDVerse to balance pass rates and security risk.

The introduction of IDVerse into Hertz’s operations has yielded significant achievements. This integration has efficiently enhanced the customer experience at the counter, via reduced wait times, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction (NPS).

Notably, this transition to IDVerse has resulted in a transformation of customer interactions, moving to a personalized self-service exchange around ID verification and speeding up processing times. This change aligns seamlessly with Hertz’s corporate commitment to delivering exceptional service and elevates the overall customer experience while enhancing Hertz security over who is renting the car.

Download PDF version here – IDVerse x Hertz – Case Study

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