The Light of New EU AML Regulations is Drawing Near

New AML Regulations are Close

  • Are you affected by the new changes?
  • Fraud & cyber-crimes are now included
  • Wider industry scope than ever before
  • Criminal liability to allow for the punishment of legal persons, such as companies or partnerships, and key employees
  • Minimum prison sentence is now 4 years

About this whitepaper:

New far-reaching proposals, which include a Regulation on AML (Anti-Money Laundering)/ CFT (Countering the Financing of Terrorism) and the 6th AML Directive (AML6D), will have a geographic impact that will extend across the EU, UK and to third-party countries.

The impact will also reach industries ranging from the “traditional” financial institutions to gaming, crypto, real estate, and more. Read this whitepaper to find out:

Read this whitepaper to find out:

  • If your business is affected by the new changes
  • Which new elements are now included
  • How your industry might be affected
  • If your company and their management employees are at risk
  • How prison sentences have increased

Download the whitepaper to be prepared for the future changes and to see how secure identity verification processes can cut down your exposure.

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