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IDVerse Outperforms Your Existing IDV Solution

Experian + IDVerseYour Existing Solution
Zero Bias AI™ Tested☑️
Fully Proprietary Tech☑️
0% Failure Rate
(iBeta ISO 30107-3)
Automatic Form Filling☑️
Manual InterventionNot requiredFrequently required
Document Coverage16,000+<2,500
AutomationFully automatedTemplates & Humans
Face matching FNMR rate0%15%
Language typeset coverage142+<5
High Traffic ScalabilityAutoscalingLimited by Manual Reviews

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Experian Partners with IDVerse

Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, has chosen identity verification solution provider, IDVerse, to support its customer’s digital onboarding and expand its digital footprint across the globe. Read more

Picking the right IDV vendor is a crucial decision—and choosing the best one from the start can save an organization from incurring hefty costs in the long run. Read more

IDVerse debuts as a top industry performer in 2023 report

IDVerse has surged onto the IDV scene, being named a top performer in the 2023 Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™: Identity Capture and Verification report, which offers expert methodology for evaluating providers. Read more

Report: The IDVerse Guide to the Elements of Modern Identity Verification Systems

Deepfake technology now allows fraudsters to create highly realistic manipulated video, image, and audio hoaxes that can convincingly impersonate individuals. The potential to gain unauthorized access, and damage reputations is immense. Read more

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