IDVerse brings GenAI trained Identity Verification to the AWS Marketplace

  • Generative AI trained technology from IDVerse for automated document verification, liveness, and face-matching is now available via the AWS Marketplace.
  • Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, SQS & EventBridge serverless offerings give scalability, security, and flexibility to provide truly global identity verification at scale.
  • Leveraging AWS’s Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, IDVerse has reduced its carbon footprint by near 50% despite a ~200% increase in transaction volume
  • IDVerse empowers identity verification across over 220 countries and places, and with nearly any issued ID document, covering 142 languages and typesets

London, UK – 18 June 2024 – World-leading digital ID verification company IDVerse (previously known as OCR Labs Global) today announces joining the AWS Marketplace to offer a fully automated identity verification solution to AWS customers. 

IDVerse’s technology empowers AWS Marketplace buyers by leveraging AWS Lambda for scalable, cost-efficient, and event-driven execution, seamlessly integrating with other AWS services to provide robust security and reliability. Leading the way in training deep neural network systems through generative AI, IDVerse ensures superior accuracy and performance, while proactively addressing global fraud trends such as synthetic media and deepfakes.

Building on AWS products such as Lambda, SQS, AWS DynamoDB & EventBridge is a perfect fit to the IDVerse business model as:

  • Automatic scaling allows for large onboarding traffic events such as new product launches, promotional campaigns, and sporting events.
  • Implementing the AWS Well-Architected Framework alongside tightly controlled serverless technologies ensures the highest level of security.
  • Multi-region availability with 99.999% availability SLA and increased resilience ensures that our ID document coverage and customer access match.
  • Leveraging AWS’s Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, in 2022 our emissions were 20.728 (MTCO2e) and in 2023 were 11.909 – a near 50% reduction, even as we have grown as an organisation with ~200% increase in transaction volume, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint as part of our ESG strategy.

“Switching to Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, SQS, and EventBridge has enabled IDVerse customers to access our advanced generative AI capabilities, allowing our customers to build and deliver  truly global identity services at the speed demanded by users,” stated Matt Adams, Co-founder & CTO, “with scalable, cost-efficient, and event-driven computing, IDVerse makes identity tools and infrastructure accessible to customers of all sizes, from the largest enterprises to the smallest startups.”

Dan Aiello, Co-founder & CPO, commented: “IDVerse is committed to promoting responsible AI practices, and our integration with AWS Lambda underscores this commitment. Lambda is part of AWS’s comprehensive suite of resources that enable us to deliver secure and ethical identity verification solutions through advanced generative AI capabilities, ensuring inclusive access and safeguarding against algorithmic biases, discriminatory practices, inequities in AI systems, and bias in automated decisions.”


Notes to Editors

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Media Contact: Matt Ingman, moc.e1721466408srevd1721466408i@aid1721466408em1721466408 

About IDVerse

IDVerse provides the tools and infrastructure that empower the identity verification industry, enabling businesses to verify anyone’s identity within seconds using only their face and smartphone—across over 220 countries and places, and with nearly any issued ID document. 

IDVerse is fighting AI bias by developing face recognition systems that prioritize inclusivity and fairness. Through our Zero Bias AI™ tested technology, we harness the power of regenerative AI to mitigate discrimination based on race, age, and gender. This advanced technology not only fights fraud and deepfakes but also significantly reduces associated risks.

IDVerse is trusted by startups, governments, and global enterprises, including HSBC, Uber, Experian, Equifax, and LexisNexis. Founded in Australia in 2018, IDVerse is a Series B venture-backed company with offices in Sydney, London and Silicon Valley.

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